Join Customer Sharing

Join Milly Hair Factory Customer Sharing Activity To Get Cash Back Rewards!

Step 1. Video/photo

Record your perfect comments wearing Milly Hair in video or photo. It is great if you could review and talk about what our hair look like & how do you feel about it.


A. For Youtube and Facebook need to be longer than 3 minutes, for Instagram video it has to be longer than 40 seconds.

Step 2. Share it

Share your video to Youtube, Facebook or Instagram to get US$15 cash back rewards.


A. The title of the video should include our factory name "Milly Hair Factory".

B. Our website: has to be added in the description.

2. If no video, share our website link to get cash rewards US$10.

A. Share your photo with Milly hair on at least two of your social media, such as Facebook, Blog, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter(Either of Two).

B. Put some your comments on Milly Hair Factory hair after using our hair, which should be no less than 30 words.

C. Our factory name "Milly Hair Factory" and our website link: should be added.

Step 3. Contact us

Email us your video link or post link, we would get back to you and release US$15 (for video) or US$10 (for photos) cash rewards to your PayPal within 3 days.